The Robinson Collection

Sugar Ray Robinson, often touted as the greatest boxer of all time, remains an icon today for his outstanding performances in the Lightweight to Light Heavyweight divisions. In the ring, Robinson was a fighter with a code that could not be cracked. His ability to remain unbreakable in the face of any opponent led us to design a tracksuit that's just as versatile.

Fit for the grind, with the toughest athletes in mind, yet fly enough to be named after one of the most stylish boxers of all time, we created a tracksuit that is what Sugar Ray is to boxing: the P4P King.

Tracksuit Jacket

A hidden, elasticated hood lets you block out distractions so you can focus on what matters. Thumbholes let the jacket move with you instead of weighing you down. Move how you want, no second thoughts.


Tracksuit Bottoms

Zipped ankle cuffs and laser-cut ventilation panels provide optimal airflow during the times you need it most. Keep your body temperature low and your energy high.