Record: 23-8 (Amateurs)

Age: 14

Alias: Lil Future

Birth Place: Philadelphia, USA

Division: Youth/Amateur

Stance: Orthodox



  Lil Future pictured wearing the BOXRAW SMRT-TEC Stringer Tank


By all reckoning Jamir Lil Future Robertson is a normal kid, he likes football, hanging out with friends and playing video games. However, that is the last intersection of the normal routine of a child like Jamir who since the age of five has been grinding away in the boxing gym under the watchful eye of trainer and father Mark Robertson. The dedication has paid off as Jamir has already collected national accolades and a few high profile fans along the way. Aside from his father world champion boxers like Andre Ward, Bernard Hopkins and Danny Garcia have all taken a shine to young Jamir providing encouragement and mentorship along his journey. The city of Philadelphia has produced a litany of Hall of Fame fighters and Jamir has big goals ahead of him and plans to join that pantheon. BOXRAW is proud to be along for the ride - the Future is Now.