Record: 32-1 (16 KO)

Age: 29

Date of Birth: 19th May 1990

Birth Place: Richmond TX, USA

Height: 5’11”

Reach: 73″

Stance: Orthodox

Division: Light Middleweight


 Jermell Charlo pictured wearing a BOXRAW SMRT-TEC Muscle Tank


Jermell Charlo & older brother Jermall have laid siege to the boxing world for nearly 10 years now…the gate has fallen & they have breached the defenses & make no mistake they are here to get theirs by taking yours! Cut as if from onyx the sinewy Charlo buries his foes in an avalanche of punches however does not disregard his defense & has shown the discipline to go the distance even with veterans of the sport. Charlo is currently the WBC Jr. Middleweight champion a belt once held by business partner & friend Floyd Mayweather. Charlo also seeks council from his ‘older’ (by 1 minute) twin brother Jermall, the two men push each other in the gym and in life & understand the importance of building ‘their brand’ – a perfect combination – a head for business & a mind for war Jermell Charlo does not play at success & he most definitely DOES NOT PLAY BOXING that’s why he’s a perfect addition to the BOXRAW family.