Record: 41-0-1 (40 KO)

Alias: The Bronze Bomber

Age: 33

Date of Birth: 22nd October 1985

Birth Place: Tuscaloosa, AL

Height: 6'7"

Reach: 83″

Stance: Orthodox

Division: Heavyweight


 Deontay Wilder pictured wearing the BOXRAW Whitaker Tracksuit


Massive puncher Deontay Wilder pays homage to Joe Louis with the nickname Bronze Bomber & like Louis he’s dropped the bomb on many opponents finishing 39 of his 40 fights by KO. Even though he is the WBC heavyweight champion, the ‘big fight’ has so far eluded him. Wilder is looking to unify the heavyweight division & at 6'7" seems to belong in his own superhuman class of boxer. Once a truck driver Wilder has pursued his dream of glory in the squared circle.