Record: 28-0 (13 KO)

Alias: Superb

Age: 29

Date of Birth: 30th August 1989

Birth Place: Hertfordshire, UK

Height: 5'11"

Stance: Southpaw

Division: Middleweight


Billy Joe Saunders pictured wearing the BOXRAW Whitaker Tracksuit


Fleet of fist & mouth BJS is regarded by many as the best Middleweight in the world besides current undisputed champion GGG. The proud heir to the fighting legacy of Britain’s Romany community of Travelers, Saunders is the Great Grandson of Britain’s most famous bare-knuckle boxer Absolom Beeney. One of the UK’s most decorated amateur boxers in recent memory the GB Squad standout qualified for the ’08 Olympics in Beijing. Saunders won his first world title by out pointing fellow BOXRAW pugilist Andy Lee to win the WBO strap.