Developed with boxing's elite over thousands of hours in the trenches, the Saddler compression range has been engineered to enhance performance and improve recovery.


The Saddler collection is engineered to restore and repair your body through a highly compressed composition which promotes muscle re-oxygenation and removes lactic acid.

The improved muscle support system stimulates the circulation of blood, decreasing swelling and reducing soreness throughout the body.


Built to reduce the risk of injury and pain, the Saddler collection features structured panels which replicate your physique and are tailored to mirror the movements of a boxer.

These panels aid in stabilising muscles, offering better alignment for them and aid in injury prevention.


Proprietary SMRT-TEC technology brings moisture to the fabric surface where it can evaporate quickly and efficiently.

Coupled with breathable mesh ventilation panels placed in around the body, airflow is optimised thus regulating the body's temperature, allowing you to train HRDR, FSTR, and SMTR - for longer.